festival director

Personalised ticketing and event management solutions delivered by experienced event professionals.

Event Ticketing

Simple website integration and ticket templating allows you to sell under your brand rather than that of a big ticketing company.

Gate Management

Our professional gate management team can handle entry to your event

Event Management

Manage markets, contributors, artists, volunteers online with our powerful contributors portal software.


Integrate customised forms and online ticket sales directly into your own website. Access real-time data and manage event contributors via your Festival Director Portal.


What do we do?

Event Ticketing

Customised ticket sales solutions for events of all sizes

Volunteer Management

Manage volunteer applications, rosters and more.

Artist and Contributor Management

Control at your fingertips, from the moment you receive an application to their performance on stage.

Event Entry Solutions

Invite anyone anywhere to collaborate on your event in real time. Central. Efficient. Empowered.

Vendor Management

All in one portal to manage vendors trading at your event.

Email Manager

Communicate as one team. Stay connected. Streamline your communications.