Event Ticketing


Full integration into your website.

Flexibility in staged pricing.

Receive revenue immediately.

Paypal, Stripe and Pin Supported

Choose your preferred payment gateway provider

Our Pricing

Our fee is collected as a booking fee per ticket. No cost burden to event organisers.

Free Events

Free entry to your event = no charge from our ticketing system.

  • Ticketing

E-ticketing – online ticket sales portal integrated into your website and/or facebook page. All e-tickets are barcoded and can be scanned off smartphones as well as hardcopy printouts. Ticket purchases can be searched by name and order number, meaning there won’t be any bottlenecks created by forgetful patrons.

Secure login dashboard – access to real-time sales tracking and up to date revenue information

Staged release ticket pricing (eg early bird, first release etc), limited offers, discount coded offers, and add on sales such as bus passes, boutique camping offers (eg glamping) and concession entries.

Receive revenue immediately via your own payment gateway or Paypal account.

Associate sales and ticketing outlets – expand your ticket sales by offering other promoters and outlets an opportunity to earn commissions by tracking their ticket sales.

Credit card fees can be set as part of the booking fee, and can be a percentage of the final amount (1%) or a set value ($1).

Barcode scanning - You choose whether you would like to take advantage of our scanning systems at the gate, or engage our team to operate all aspects of event gate entry for you. For smaller events, you may prefer to export a simple list of ticket purchases to check off at the gate.

Complete ‘door list’ management for artists/plus ones/crew/contributors, designed to simplify your gate process on festival day.

  • Paypal, Stripe and Pin Supported

You choose your preferred payment gateway provider

Set up and manage your own account where you collect your revenue

Gateway fees:

  • Our Pricing

A small booking fee applies per ticket sold to paid entry events. This fee is usually covered by patrons during the ticket purchase, meaning there is no charge to the organiser.

2% booking fee of ticket cost per ticket sold (minimum $1.00 fee), plus your payment gateway provider fee.


$100 ticket + 2% booking fee ($2) + Paypal fee (2.6% + $0.30) = $104.90

If you would prefer, you can also absorb the fees on behalf of your patrons. In this case, we will deduct the fees from the ticket price amount.

We offer onsite support for gate or event entry operations for an additional fee which can be charged as part of the booking fee.

  • Free Events

Event organisers charging a $0 entry fee for their events are welcome to use the Festival Director system free of charge and receive complimentary access to their personalised dashboard to keep track of event related activities.

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