Shane Russell

Shane Russell is the chief software developer and director of Festival Director. Based in Canberra, he has nearly 30 years experience developing large systems for business and government. He has developed software for many large organisations including the Australian Parliament, Australian Institue of Sport, Australian Quarantine, Customs and the Commonwealth Bank.

Shane has 10 years of event and festival management experience. After forming a small events company in 2007 with a group of friends, he has co-created his own arts and music festival, Wee Jasper's four day Dragon Dreaming Festival, which is now in its 8th year of operation. He has also worked various roles at a number of other festivals such as Strawberry Fields, Regrowth Festival, Yemaya Festival, and Victoria's iconic Rainbow Serpent.

Shane's unqiue blend of skills and experience allows him to build customised systems for events. He believes software should facilitate and not restrict your business, not impose rules nor restrictions on how you operate. You will find him on the ground working at the events that Festival Director works with and looks foward to developing a partnership with your team and event.

Karolina Russell

Karolina's event management and stakeholder engagement experience includes large international conferences, industry dialogues, ambassadorial visits, exhibitions, festivals and ministerial/VIP events. She holds a Diploma in Project Management and possesses extensive experience in Commonwealth grants funding, project management and executive support.

Karolina is a Director of Festival Director Pty Ltd and loves working on a broad range of events, including not-for-profit, corporate and entertainment sector projects, where she is famed for her abilities in concept development, production management, on-site event execution and managing contributors. She has 15 years’ event experience and has managed project budgets up to $3m.

Karolina’s favourite element of event management is facilitating and holding spaces for a momentary personal experience of togetherness and belonging, whether it’s at an industry seminar or a community festival.

Michael Shannon

Michael has over 10 years experience in event and festival management. A Director and co-founder of Dragon Dreaming Festival, Michael has developed his skills with a focus on project and budget management, and musical programming. Michael also has experience working in site management, sound management and gate at a range of other events including Regrowth, Strawberry Fields, Earth Frequency and Rainbow Serpent.

Michael's professional experience includes over 12 years in program and grant delivery in the Australian Public Service. This has provided extensive experience in data analysis, contract management and negotiation.

In his spare time, Michael produces original music under the alias Eukali and at every opportunity, feeds his love for the backpacker lifestyle, visiting some of the world's more unique natural and cultural environments.