Our ticketing and event management software

Gatekeeper Entry Management System

Event Management Portal

Ticketing integrated into your website

Realtime Sales Dashboard

Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure

  • Gatekeeper Entry Management System

Flexible software – adaptable to any event, no matter how small or large. Able to handle large volumes.

Intuitive – easy to use, search, process and add ticket holders

Scanning hardware – take advantage of our scanning equipment for large events

Export – use a spreadsheet to mark off names at small events

  • Event Management Portal

One stop shop to manage all of your contributors in one place

Collaborate by inviting your staff to access the portal and work on your event in real-time from anywhere in the world

Control all performers, contributors and volunteers from the moment you you receive applications

Online applications integrated through your own website

Automatically send out customised approval with e-tickets and procedures enclosed, or declined emails to your applicants, as you make your decisions

Create a scheduling grid to view all shifts during your event, plan and monitor the total number of volunteers required per shift/day/event. Use the scheduler to design a complementary and cohesive music line up

Assign special rules to the scheduler, eg volunteering friends who want to be assigned shifts together or volunteers who are available on days 2 and 3, but not day 1

Assign shifts manually (drag and drop) or let the scheduler auto-populate from your list of volunteers

Automatically notify volunteers regarding their shifts, performers/musicians regarding their sets, and receive notifications as they confirm

  • Ticketing integrated into your website

E-ticketing includes integration of the online ticket sales portal into your website and/or facebook page. All e-tickets are barcoded and can be scanned off smartphones as well as hardcopy printouts. Ticket purchases can be searched by name and order number, meaning there won’t be any bottlenecks created by forgetful patrons.

Staged release ticket pricing (eg early bird, first release etc), limited offers, discount coded offers, and add on sales such as bus passes, boutique camping offers (eg glamping) and concession entries.

Receive revenue immediately via your own payment gateway or Paypal account

Associate sales and ticketing outlets – expand your ticket sales by offering other promoters and outlets an opportunity to earn commissions by tracking their ticket sales.

Credit card fees can be set as part of the booking fee, and can be a percentage of the final amount (1%) or a set value ($1).

Barcode scanning is available should you choose to take advantage of our scanning devices at the entry, or engage our team to operate all aspects of event gate entry for you. For smaller events, you may prefer to export a simple spreadsheet of ticket purchases to mark off at the gate.

Complete ‘door list’ management for artists/plus ones/crew/contributors, designed to simplify your gate process on festival day.

  • Realtime Sales Dashboard

Secure login dashboard – access to real-time sales tracking and up to date revenue information

Reports – generate reports using metrics that meet your needs (by sales, dates, postcodes and more)Intuitive – easy to use, search, process and add ticket holders

  • Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure

Safe and secure - we only use Microsoft Azure cloud on servers located in Australia, which means your ticketing portal will never experience downtime and your data is safe. (Azure Security Center FAQs)

Protect your data - Festival Director Pty Ltd adheres to the provisions set out in the Privacy Act 1988. We will never pass on nor on-sell your personal information. You can read our Privacy Policy here.